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The most EFFECTIVE Facebook Ad Strategies and Tactics for 2019

A 4-minute read. So many people are confused when you start talking about advertising with Facebook and Instagram (“New world” advertising).  People are still obsessed with the idea of TV commercials, magazine ads, billboard ads and outdoor media.  The problem with traditional advertising is that it is massively overpriced! Barely anyone pays attention to TV commercials anymore, they tend to pick up their phones once the commercial airs.  I actually don’t think a single person watches TV …

Google Ads – Ad Groups Explained

A 90-second read. Referring back to our dictionary, an ad group is a single set of adoptions run against a specific set of keywords in Google Ads.  They are used to keep your Google Ads account organized. But what exactly does this mean and what does this look like? Google Ads can be a little confusing at first, but once you understand them, it is quite simple.  Ad groups are essentially used to keep you Google Ads …

10 Stunning Examples of Above the Fold Content to Hook Your Visitors!

A 3-minute read. As the saying goes, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  First impressions on your website are crucial. If you “above the fold” content doesn’t catch your visitor’s attention when they land on your site, they might not stick around.  But, if you make a good first impression, you are going to increase the chances they stick around to convert to a sale or lead. If you don’t quite …

7 A/B Testing Examples That You Should Steal [Case Studies]

A 5-minute read. If there’s one thing you need to know about good marketing practice, it’s that good marketers test their work.  If you’re a business owner or marketer you should be testing everything that goes in front of a user.  Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, sign-ups, conversions, social shares or engagement, etc.  A/B testing and optimization can help you achieve the best results.  There a good joke in the marketing world the A/B …

The ELVTD Dictionary – Terms and Definitions Everyone Should Know! A-B

The marketing industry is full of complex concepts, terminology, and acronyms. This comprehensive glossary is here to clarify confusing lingo, demystify buzzwords, and provide citable definitions to help grow your vocabulary. It’s a one-stop resource for finding the meaning of common (and uncommon) phrases any marketer may encounter on the job.  While it is geared towards the marketing terms, you will also find sales terms as they are very much relatable to the marketing industry. …

Welcome to ELVTD Marketing

ELVTD Marketing was created with a specific vision: to serve you differently and more effectively than most full-service agencies.  We wanted to find a way to disrupt the industry and minimize cost for our clients, while simultaneously offering high quality work. We developed and designed a virtual agency with a low overhead and a high efficiency model, that is designed to maximize every single dollar spent! We are committed to growing our client’s businesses and …